If you work in the healthcare, food, or cleaning industries, correct hand glove fitment is essential for worker safety and hygiene efforts. Determining your hand glove size is crucial in completing tasks accurately with a barrier between your skin and working surface.

Procurement management, facility managers, and more must confirm that employees have access to the proper hand gloves for compliance in any field. They can contact and get a complete contract from the 8-Mil Thickness Nitrile Gloves supplier or vinyl hand gloves supplier.

Why Is Determining Glove Size Essential?

The size of disposable hand gloves influences comfort levels and individuals’ capability to perform their occupation responsibilities. In some circumstances, a hand glove that fits incorrectly can lead to pain and annoying muscle fatigue, with wearers having to bend their wrists and fingers unnaturally.

Moreover, suppose air, bacteria, and many other materials can enter a protective hand glove. In that case, workers are at risk of coming into contact with harmful liquids, contaminants, and more within your workplace.

Determining your hand glove size helps reduce your hazards of PPE sliding off your hands or delaying movement. There is a reason why disposable hand glove products come in several sizes, as there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your business. Hand gloves that are too loose can catch on to tools, though PPE that is too tight can give a puncture and discomfort.

How can You Measure Your Hands for Gloves?

To prevent wasting hand gloves, it is proactive for users to know their hand glove size rather than trying on many pairs. Nitrile hand glove sizes can change slightly based on the manufacturer, but you can follow some general rules to make your accurate selection. All you want is a fabric tape measure to gather hand measurements for hand gloves.

Always measure your leading hand for an accurate fit. First, you use the tape measure to record the width of your palm at the widest point near the knuckles. It involves placing the tape measure horizontally across your palm. Then you can measure the length of your hands by spreading the fingers and running the tape measure from the tip of your middle finger back toward your wrist. The larger of the two measurements may help you select suitable hand gloves. You can also take help from the 8-Mil Thickness Nitrile Gloves supplier, as suppliers have an idea about the measurements.

What Size Nitrile Glove Should You Buy?

Hand measurements for your gloves correspond to a maker’s sizing chart. To make your gloves selection, round up your larger hand measurement to the nearest complete or half-inch based on closer. Men’s and women’s hand glove sizes are different; thus, always reach out to the manufacturer for sizing guidelines if you are unsure. Analyze the details below for some general information regarding hand glove sizes.

Men’s Nitrile Hand Glove Sizes

  • Small: 7″ to 8″
  • Medium: 8″ to 9″
  • Large: 9″ to 10″
  • XL: 10″ to 11″

Women’s Nitrile Hand Glove Sizes

  • Small: 6.5″ to 7″
  • Medium: 7″ to 7.5″
  • Large: 7.5″ to 8″
  • XL: 8″ to 8.5″

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