Accelerator Free Nitrile Gloves

  • ISO9001、ISO13485 certification
  • Choiceness Formula, Advanced Technology, Soft Feel, Comfortable, Skid Resistance and Flexible.
  • Softer feel and more Comfortable donning than standard nitrile gloves.
  • Accelerator free, No allergy and chemical residues caused by it, which is safe for donning.
  • The products are widely used in fields of medical examination, dentistry, first-aid, healthcare, gardening, cleaning, etc. Nontoxic, Harmless and Odorless.
  • The products are disposable gloves.

Types: Powder Free Blue, Powder Free , multiple colors for choice


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Are you having an issue with wearing gloves for a prolonged time? You don’t need to worry. We offer the best powder-free disposable nitrile gloves that you can easily use at the medical room, examination, housework, industries, and many other places.

As a valuable accelerator free nitrile gloves manufacturers, we provide you ultra-safe gloves to protect your skin and hands from oil, water, and other chemicals. We have high-quality gloves with broad applications and benefits.

Are nitrile gloves accelerator-free?

Various accelerator free nitrile gloves manufacturers are producing these gloves but are there any side-effect of using them. Our accelerator-free gloves reduce the chance of causing dermatitis. Also, they are latex-free, reducing the chance of any skin allergic reactions that are easily caused by chemicals or latex.

How are our accelerator-free nitrile gloves being different?

Our accelerator free nitrile gloves manufacturers experts manufactured these gloves without accelerator chemicals, including Mercaptobenzothiazole (MBTs), thiazoles, thiurams, and dithiocarbonates. They help protect glove users from a nonallergic reaction and protect them from numerous irritants caused by the glove and non-glove sources.

Our non-sterile accelerator-free offers the best solution for people who suffer from chemical Type IV allergies. We ensure you a comfortable fit and a soft feel with micro-textured fingers. Moreover, provide a safe and secure grip on dry and wet objects.

Key Features and Benefits:


  • Accelerator-free
  • Tested for use with chemotherapy drugs
  • A textured surface on fingers
  • Manufactured without natural rubber
  • Powder-free
  • Low dermatitis potential


  • In wet environment ensures a safe grip
  • Chlorinated inner surface for easy donning
  • Eliminates aerosolization of glove powder
  • Protects from latex Type I allergy
  • Meets USP 800 requirements for PPE compliance for chemotherapy
  • Eliminates exposure to latex
  • Against punctures it provides a high-level of barrier protection
  • excellent resistance from a broad range of various chemicals
  • 100% thiuram-free formulation significantly reduces the risk of Type IV allergies.